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¿Ha invertido tiempo y dinero en el desarrollo de un sitio web, pero aún no siente que su sitio esté llegando a sus clientes? Your goal should be to have your website appear in the top 10, 20 or 30 positions in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Google©, Yahoo© and Microsoft/Bing© are the most important search engines in the web marketplace, so Treosite develops marketing strategies that are tailored to maximize results on those three engines. Other search engines often get their results directly from the “big three,” so a good position in Google©, Bing© or Yahoo© delivers a strong position in other engines as well.

ComScore Ratings show that 67.5% of explicit core Internet searches were conducted on Google in March 2014, representing 13.1 billion searches during the month. Microsoft/Bing was in second place, having an 18.6% market share. Yahoo search engine was third with a 10.1% market share (See the full article by clicking here)..

Por eso en Ticosite.net ponemos nuestros servicios de diseño Web a su disposición.


The Truth about Search Engine Optimization

Some companies use deceptive parctices in their search engine optimization (SEO) services.

1. You can have guaranateed, specific, organic position for your site. But in fact, No one can say for certain that your site will be positioned at "x" position in any of the major search engines. You can study the market and predict that it will be in one of the top positions, but never secure a specific position. See this article from the Google page for more information: http://www.google.com/webmasters/seo.html

2. SEO positioning will be achieved in mere days. In fact, this process can even take months. Anyone who says otherwise is simply not telling the truth.

3. Top positioning achieved by paying the major search engines is the same as achieving top positioning “organically.” The fact is, successful organic/natural positioning on search engines like Google©, Yahoo© and Microsoft Bing© has greater credibility to most users than positions obtained through payments to the search engines.

One can influence the natural, organic, results of search engines through careful SEO. But results achieved by payment to the search engines appear outside the normal search result area. These are typically called "sponsored links" or "sponsor links" and are achieved through products like Google Adwords© or Yahoo Search Marketing© systems. Sponsored links can certainly help an organization, but you should be aware thay many users do not intuitively look in the sponsored link areas.

Beware of anyone who offers a specific search position for your web page. We trust the information above helps you appreciate Treosite’s knowledge in this area.


Methodology for SEO

Initially, a meeting occurs between the client and staff of Treosite to ascertain the targeted market, key words, and key phrases which will maximize positioning in search results.

Treosite studies the feasibility of achieving certain positioning, recommends appropriate next steps for the client, and explains current dynamics in the marketplace.

Despues del estudio inicial de potencial, Ticosite aplica tecnicas de SEO probadas para llegar al posicionamiento deseado:

Contenido del sitio

Densidad de palabras clave

Palabras y frases clave

Intercambio de links

Meta tags

Mata del sitio


A few months later, the results of the initial SEO will be reviewed in the major search engines (Google©, Yahoo© and Microsoft/Bing©) and positioning results will be quantified.

A long term strategy is then developed to ensure that the site remains in the best possible positions.


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